Thursday, October 8

How Do I make money online??????

Yesterday, one of my old friend call. I am quite shock.... but when sense come back in my mind.... it is Syawal. Then I was been shocked again, He asked me 'How do you make money online?'

It is really something that shocked me. First of all, where did he know about this? because the facts is I didn't know how.... and I never make money online..... . 'Who would have told him?' Such amazing thing....If I only knew how? I said. I would not be something like I am today... I asked him to buy some books that I know are available in the market. But he really shocked me again when he said ' You are stingy? Doesn't want to tell another person. We are friend '

The truth is, I never know how. But he said that I am a gadget savvy, I should already know about these kind of thing..... The conversation end there.

But it's still ringing in my head up till this morning. Is it really important for someone who is making three thousand basics per month to talk abou making money online. He is working with one of the three telco in Malaysia. With overtime almost everyday. He is making money around six thousand each month. So I keep wondering.

One of my friend said that his late father once said..... the pay that you received each month is not a payment that you received but it is a rezeki that being gave to you by Allah. If you consider that as money...... you will not had it enough. My friend's late father is a government officer who is not a high earner. But he managed to buy a house, terrace, managed to educate 11 children, bought a car (even it is only a Perodua Kancil) cash. He just keep money and plan it properly. He managed it.... .

Somebody did said that we must try to achieved something in this world. Even we are encourage to get all that we can like we are gonna live another thousand years. It keep me thinking where should I put myself.....


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