Tuesday, October 20

There I go again

Feeling bored...... nothing to chat upon. Thanks to Mr Banihassim to become my follower. Obviously you are the only one. Anyway.... though I must admit that you had be the one who help me with the blog.

Talking about this blog, I won't tell you the story about my life. It is only the page that I experiment with.... the first page that I ever publish on the Internet. I am a bit unbeliever with the security on the internet though I prefer not to talk with anyone about my private life.

Anyway, sometimes I will published some lessons that I learned in my life as part of the discussion. It's being hard though to fought through the path I choose in my life. Sometimes it make you wanna give up. The obvious thing is the struggle within sometimes lead you to the unthinkable. But perhaps that is life.....

Wise man do say that, No pain No glory.